Journal Entry “Seven And A Half”

~Professor’s Done It Again~

This is a continuation of my last journal entry, just because I’d like to fill you in on how Van Ornum’s midterm went.

Remember how I mentioned teaching to the test is not really his style? Well, apparently teaching us anything is not his style. The man gave us a study guide filled with topics and terms that actually had something to do with Measurement and Evaluation, even though he never went over any.

I thought, “What the heck. Let me study this thing, maybe i’ll learn something.” So I took my notes, my flash cards, and spend an hour looking them over. It felt nice, pretending I had a real instructor instead of the nutty professor I knew him to be.

I walked into class with confidence up my sleeve. No tricks, no BS, that’s what Van Ornum promised. Amanda is sitting next to me in the front of the class, she is just ready to get it over with. I see Erin to my right, vigorously checking over her notes. Van Ornum Is shuffling the tests in his hands, waiting for the clock to hit 9:30.

And so it does. He shuts the door and tells everyone to put away their notes. “As future teachers,” he begins, “you must be prepared for anything that comes your way.” Two feet in front of me, I see the slightest smirk on his face. I’m not sure why that is, until he passes out the tests.

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Snippet #6

I don’t have to put on the ceremonial gown till tonight, so I slip on my hunting boots and grab my spear.

It’s heavier than I remember.

I look down and see Dimitri tugging on the other end, a smile on his chubby little face.

“Are you keeping me here hostage, Mimi?” I put the spear back on the wall and pick up my little munchkin of a brother. I cradle him in my arms and press my forehead against his. Our noses touch and he giggles. I hope his eyes stay blue like my fathers, they suite him well with his light blond curls. “Still can’t talk, huh? That’s all right. You’re the best listener in this house.”

“Gah!” he waves his pint-sized hands around my face before finally knocking off my father’s deerstalker. It makes only the faintest noise.

I pick up the hat just as Opal walks in.

A small snippet, not trying to give much away. I know I said I would stop posting these for a while, but I have moved further along in my writing and felt it was safe enough to post a few more from chapter one. You all keep me so motivated, and I am more than appreciative.

Journal Entry #2

~The Inspiration that wasn’t meant to be~

I feel like college becomes more difficult at the most inconvenient times.

This morning I sparked an excellent idea. I had everything planned. I jot down a few notes, tucked them into my writing folder and waited until class was up. The problem was, and there is always a problem, by the time class was over my newly found inspiration had escaped me. I was tired after three hours of lecture, my brain had gone soft. Any hope of writing had vanished. My only true desire was to throw down my books and take a late afternoon nap.

“This will never work,” I thought to myself, face down breathing into my pillow. “Writing takes time… and you don’t have any.”

Time has has been one of my biggest struggles this semester. I’m two weeks in and have more chapters to read than chapters written. I am aware that I have mentioned this in earlier rants, however, todays loss of inspiration has me in a cranky mood. I’m always hoping that tomorrow will be better, and since tomorrow is Saturday I am betting that it will be.

On a side note, I just got back from Applebee’s where my friends and I devoured half priced apps. It was euphoria in a basket of hot boneless buffalo wings.

Excerpt from Nothing

David Gordon was 3 years older than me and lived in Central Park. I would see him on beautiful days when Mom decided to pull out her sketchpad and draw. David would always make fun of how neat my clothes were for a homeless girl.

“I’m not homeless!” I would shout, “I live in Grand Central Station.”

He’d show off his rotten teeth with the slyest of smiles, “That’s not home,” He snickered, “You’re a bum, just like me.”

I was nothing like David Gordon. I had a palace, a roof over my head with indoor pluming and food at every trashcan on every corner. “I have neat clothes because my mother has to keep up with our reputation back at the station,” I said proudly, “If you live in a palace, you should dress like it.”

“Yeah, and if you don’t they’ll notice you’re a just bum who isn’t waiting for a train.” He laughed, “You and I share the same life, except I don’t sugar coat it.”

Nothing i’m actually working on, just sparked an idea.

A Formal Thank You

I am in awe. After only a month of blogging I have received so much support for my writing, especially for my snippets. I Love all of your feedback and appreciate everything you have done for my blog.

In return for all of your follows, likes and comments I would like to do something for all of you.

Anyone who would like to comment on this post before midnight will receive a shout out in my next post with a direct link to your blog.

Thanks again guys! Happy Blogging 🙂

Snippet #5

“Gemma! Opal!” my mother cries out, “One of you come here and hold the chair for me, I’m going to slip!”

I walk out into the hallway to see a lazy eyed sister snoozing on the couch and a mother who appears to be practicing the balance beam on a three-legged stool. I hunch over to hold it in place.

My mother is a tall woman, close to six feet. She wears her auburn hair short and neat, like most women in our community. I watch her scavenge through old cardboard boxes on the top shelf of our closet. She groans as a loose hook in the doorframe catches a strand. Her hair is the most stunning shade of copper; it curls at the tips and right beneath the bangs. I wish she would grow out that silly bob cut. It never did her justice.

“Found it!” My mother lowers what appears to be a small, silver container. “Let’s see how well these gems survived.”

Inside the case are two square-cut emerald earrings with gold posts. The only piece of real jewelry we own, and the most beautiful things I’ve ever held. “You want me to go out in public with these?”

“Why not?” she huffs, “It’s your big day.”

There really is no good explanation why I shouldn’t wear them. It is graduation day. We may not be able to afford food, but why should anyone question how we’re able to afford jewelry? I pause to think. “People will talk.”

“So let them talk.”

Mom puts the first gem through my left ear before screwing on the back.

“I heard there’s going to be an assortment of desserts at the ceremony,” I shrug, “Is any of that for us?”

She turns my head and begins twisting in the second. “Probably not,” she scoffs, “Food is a vanity, why would they allow us the pleasure?”

I walk towards the mirror and peer into the fingerprint stained glass. My auburn hair is much longer than my mothers, but dull in comparison. It curls at awkward places and appears more of a light brown than a red. I stare at my fine features and wish they were stronger, a bit more defined. My father has a chiseled face with deep-set eyes and a full set of lips. I inherited none of that.

Today I was hoping to see a capable, sophisticated eighteen-year-old woman staring back, but even I realize that two small rocks aren’t going to make the difference.

“They’re nice.”

“They bring out the green in your eyes,” she smiles.

Fair warning, this is the last snippet I’m going to be posting for a while. While I absolutely love all the feed back I have been getting, I am now reaching a place where I don’t want to share anything before it’s set in stone. I may go back and change these snippets too, If I decide that I need to add or take away. Remember, everything that I post on here is a first draft and it’s mostly done for moral support and critique. I will be morphing Gemma’s story further in my head and on paper, adding detail and creating new characters. I can’t wait to introduce you guys to Opal, Mimi and Gage, But they will have to wait.

Once again, feedback appreciated. On a side note, thank you all for allowing me reach 500 followers!!! WOW. You guys are the best. Love you all!

Journal Entry #1

~Writing Status~

It’s strange. I’ve been keeping my New Years Resolution to write, and although I’ve given you only four snippets I am further along than I ever dreamed. I wrote to you and told you about my dead ends.This one is a keeper. This one has room for a chapter two. I believe that by sharing my snippets with you I have become more motivated and determined to focus on my writing. I thank you all for that.

Here is the problem. There is always a problem. I have a busy semester ahead of me, I have difficult classes along with other time consuming activities. I decided against working this semester, It would have been too much. I also want to rush this year, I found a sorority I maybe able to fit in with. They work with kids and would look beautiful on a resume.

But when will I have time to write? Last night I stayed up to edit my first chapter a bit more. I like it, but I doubt myself. I want to share another snippet with you tomorrow, and I would appreciate feed back. I know it’s only a first draft, and the writing is not perfect, but the story is solid.

I have dreamed about this for too long. I am finally getting somewhere. It’s becoming more than a hobby. I developed a story in my head, this one I intend to share.