– From the Greek language, meaning “excellence of any kind.”

While finals are undressing my sanity and the lack of sleep weighs down my eyelids, I somehow still found a sprinkle of Arete in my step today.

This morning I could have been mistaken for a cast member of The Walking Dead. Running on only three hours of sleep, I will tell you I still had the biggest smile on my face throughout each class I fell asleep in.

I bought a cup of coffee without any coffee in it, and then had to return to the cashier to ask if I could go back and fill my empty cup. The woman held back a burst of laughter and said, “Oh honey, you need it.”

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Milk and Cookie

I think you and I are as different

As a warm cookie and a cool glass of milk.

There is nothing similar about either of us,

We come from different ends of the kitchen.

You rest in the pantry and I chill in the fridge,

You are a solid and I am a liquid,

You crumble and I spoil.

We couldn’t survive together.

But above all of our differences,

And despite our ability to coexist,

We are an exceptional duo.

And one hell of a midnight snack.


Note* This is a fictional magazine and a fictional piece of writing.
The Un-credible Columnist, Issue #1
By: A.E Flows
The Manhatter, a literary magazine popular among New Yorkers and famous for its je ne sais quoi, contacted me to see if I would be interested in writing a weekly column for the Personal Section of the paper.
I received the phone call late Thursday night after closing up shop at Oolong’s, the Japanese-style tea bar across from Bryant Park. You know, that temporary job you were suppose to snag after college for like five minutes before you traded it for an actual career? Six years later and that twenty-percent off employee discount card isn’t paying off those student loans.
On the contrary, I’ve spent more on overpriced and soaking wet tealeaves in the past year than on ‘regular people’ food in six.

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The Refractory Period (noun).

When asked to define the term on this morning’s bloodcurdling exam, I may have over-stepped some student-professor boundaries in my response.

I won’t get into too much detail about why I don’t regret it. Maybe my brain is just so fried that it refuses to acknowledge right from wrong. Ironic, a test on the brain is what inevitably slaughters it.

The correct definition, as it relates to Cognitive Neuroscience, is when a neuron has just fired and can not respond to additional stimuli. The nerve is empty, exhausted, and pretty much useless for the time being. And then I wrote about how

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Haiku – The Salad Analogy

I am a salad

Tossed with the flavors of life

Fresh and colorful

And yes, I chose to display a Greek salad because, you guessed it, Greek Pride. What kind of salad would you say best represents yourself?