Journey Into The Renaissance, Part III

Yet another attempt at travel writing…

I find that visiting Florence is as close to time travel as I will ever experience in this lifetime. However, there is a paradox of time periods overlapping at once. I do not only envision a past when I gaze out at the city through my bedroom window, but a present and a future as well. How do you look at Michelangelo’s David, setting the example for a perfect male figure in 1504, and say he is not still the textbook image of male physique? I remember the hype surrounding my visit to see the David. “You must see him! You’ll cry when you see him!” This was all I’d been hearing since I announced my acceptance to Lorenzo de Medici a semester and a half ago. It’s true that my expectations were high. Especially since sculpture is by far my favorite medium and I do have quite a taste for tall naked men. Continue reading

A Rather Lopsided Day

Bad days exist, with cause or without. Today I felt a gloomy little cloud above my head. He was as gray as the cobblestones beneath my sandals. I am walking in over seventy-degree weather in Florence, Italy. People are out, laughing and chatting and eating wonderful food outside accompanied by a glass of wine. Why aren’t I smiling? Continue reading

Journey Into The Renaissance

A Crack at Travel Writing as a Genre:

If there was one piece of advice I gave myself before landing in Florence, the city where classical learning blossomed after a millennium of darkness… it was to avoid being a tourist. I came here to feel, to explore, and to learn. The aspirations for my journey were clear-cut, leave the selfie stick in New York and bring an open mind to Europe. Continue reading

Venice & The Carnival

She is otherworldly.

Hundreds of small islands connected by thousands of picturesque bridges, you cannot turn your head without dropping your jaw. Red, yellow, pink, and orange buildings against the bright blue sky and beautifully crafted gondolas cutting through the canals beneath your feet. Not an automobile in sight, not a care in the world. You begin to question whether or not the world outside still exists, then let the idea fade along with all other concerns. IMG_6253

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Landing In Firenze

I kept waiting for it to hit me during my last couple weeks in the states. I packed, but I didn’t feel it. I boarded the plane, but I didn’t feel it. I’m here, and I’m still not sure I feel it. Continue reading


Stereotyping is human nature. As an education major I am influentially trained to treat all students the same, and all teachers are molded into politically correct individuals. But all the education in the world cannot stop the involuntary and compulsive need to judge, to stereotype, and to treat others like dirt for no reason.

I am not only talking about race. I want to focus on something more personal than the way a person looks, acts, or dresses. There is an even greater, more dangerous stereotype that does not come from strangers. It comes from your friends, your family, and all those who are close to you.

When you become friendly with another person the dynamic you share changes. It’s as if the sun has set on that awkward ‘getting to know each other’ phase and now the general way you feel most comfortable presenting yourself to that human being is brought forth. Although I never try to be “fake,” I admit that I act differently around dissimilar groups of friends. It is not something I consciously control, but I do find myself playing the class clown as well as the advice giver, depending on what others expect of me.

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Frugal Ways To Have Fun

As a college student between the ages of 18 – 20, I understand the struggles of being young and energetic with all the time in the world and no money to spend on making that time worthwhile. Old enough to drive but too young for the bar scene, how is an individual in this age group suppose to live? Over the years my friends and I have become masters of cheap entertainment for the underage and penniless. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to pass down this mind-blowing and top-secret information to the next generation of canny penny-pinchers. Most of these activities are for all age groups looking to be more frugal with their expenses, a list of differentiated ways to have a great time while saving your wallet the tummy ache.

  1. BYOS Movie Nights.

Let’s face it… movie theater popcorn is beyond orgasmic and there’s little else that can satisfy your cinema-snack needs. But you’re thrifty and recognize a scam when you see one. AKA, 5 cents per kernel and that doesn’t even include the butter. After careful research my friends and I discovered that on the way to our regular movie theater and probably on the way to yours there is something call a drug store. It sells every type of snack identical to those at your local theater for a guaranteed 50% off or more. Bring your own sack, or as a cheaper alternative, stay home and have a good old-fashioned movie night. Make some s’mores, pop in an old Disney movie, and start singing along with your friends.

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