Fan Mail

I don’t usually get fan mail, and most definitely not in the form of haikus. But when your partner in crime writes you something so sweet, you post it on your blog.

A poem from my biggest fan, dedicated to yours truly.

You are my baby

You are my perfect woman

Can you stay that way? 


Haiku – The Salad Analogy

I am a salad

Tossed with the flavors of life

Fresh and colorful

And yes, I chose to display a Greek salad because, you guessed it, Greek Pride. What kind of salad would you say best represents yourself?

My Personal “I Spy”

I spy with my little eye:

The first book I ever read,

The ball in a hoop I’d shoot before bed,

The artists I loved when I was 10, 11, 12,

The evil eye that’s blue on the very bottom shelve.

My shot glasses from all over the place,

A post card from Antigua and a pencil case,

A heart from my boyfriend’s sisters,

Two puppies that I both considered misters.

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