Frugal Ways To Have Fun

As a college student between the ages of 18 – 20, I understand the struggles of being young and energetic with all the time in the world and no money to spend on making that time worthwhile. Old enough to drive but too young for the bar scene, how is an individual in this age group suppose to live? Over the years my friends and I have become masters of cheap entertainment for the underage and penniless. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to pass down this mind-blowing and top-secret information to the next generation of canny penny-pinchers. Most of these activities are for all age groups looking to be more frugal with their expenses, a list of differentiated ways to have a great time while saving your wallet the tummy ache.

  1. BYOS Movie Nights.

Let’s face it… movie theater popcorn is beyond orgasmic and there’s little else that can satisfy your cinema-snack needs. But you’re thrifty and recognize a scam when you see one. AKA, 5 cents per kernel and that doesn’t even include the butter. After careful research my friends and I discovered that on the way to our regular movie theater and probably on the way to yours there is something call a drug store. It sells every type of snack identical to those at your local theater for a guaranteed 50% off or more. Bring your own sack, or as a cheaper alternative, stay home and have a good old-fashioned movie night. Make some s’mores, pop in an old Disney movie, and start singing along with your friends.

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An American Dream

Athens, 1939

I was drinking my morning coffee on the terrace, same as I do every morning, with the roar of car horns and ambulances sweeping through the streets below my feet. The buzz of this city pairs nicely with my mood: anxious, restless, and excited. Athens never skips a beat, not even then in 1939 when war is beating down Greece’s door. I lift the welcome mat behind my chair, the place I stash my father’s finest cigars, and light one up before the big journey. Inhaling the smoke from that flavorful montecristo, I remember thinking about giving them back to him before I take off, but then he’d realize I took them, and saying goodbye would have been much more burdensome.

I toss the ashes out from the tray over the railing and make my way back inside, the cigar tucked neatly inside my pocket. Mother is packing away everything I don’t need, the routine of her hands and feet masking the worry on her face.

“Ma.” I wait for her to stop folding my socks, socks I probably won’t need. “Ma, please stop. It’s almost seven, I have to get going.”

She doesn’t stop. Instead, she continues to fold my shirts, my pants, my underwear, and all other items that will most likely be thrown over board if I am caught. I rest a hand on her shoulder, humming her favorite old folk tune. She relaxes and I can almost see a smile tugging on her cheek. “The boat will be cold at night,” She finally looks up at me, “At least let me pack you a few extra pairs of socks.”

“Nicholas,” My father enters the room. His hair gelled tightly behind his ears and gut tucked firmly beneath his belt. He places today’s paper on the counter and picks up his coffee with both palms. I assume it’s so that he has an excuse not to hug me goodbye. “All packed I presume?

“Yes, Papa.”

“Got your bags?”


“Crew pass?”


“Are you sure that thing will work?” He eyes my white pants and jacket with the navy blue trim, then studies the identification pass strung around my neck.

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Fishing In The Meat Department

Is it a coincidence that men will always find a woman most attractive when she in a relationship? Is it strange to think that we are most desirable when we are unattainable?

Take my friend Nols, for example. Men were practically lining up at her dorm room all of last semester. All finely cut pieces of meat, if I may add. However, she had been in a committed relationship with a senior up until graduation day when it was decided that this piece of meat had an expiration date.

Now, single and ready to mingle, Nols is ready to get back in line at the supermarket. Resting on the shelves before her are pounds of freshly chopped beef waiting to be sautéed. The only problem, none of them are smart enough to jump in the cart.

It is a rare sight when a fine looking lady puts her self out there in the most obvious way only to be shut down. I am also positive that none of these men realize how blatantly obvious she is being about it. And if I have to hear about how my housemate isn’t getting laid one more time I may actually travel to the supermarket myself, buy some milkshakes, and lay them out on our front yard.

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Journal Entry #22

~An Entire Bag of Potato Chips~

There is only a hand full of activities I would like more than to spend every moment of my twenty-four hour day writing… writing blog posts, snippets, poems, and even those little notes I like to scribble myself before bed. 

However… when the writing task is mutilated into that of an essay or a case study, as I am hopelessly procrastinating from at this time, the intrinsic motivation has flown from my body and migrated south for the semester.

As I spend time writing this post, I ignore the fact that this paper is due on Tuesday… three days from this exact point in time, minus eight hours. I ignore the test I have scheduled for this Monday, you know, the one based on all those readings I neglected? I ignore the millions of letters, which make up the thousands of words I will have to skim – not read – that create hundreds of sentences inside tens of books I have barely dusted off from the bookstore.

What day is it? The nineteenth?! Has it really been three weeks?

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Quirky Quotes #12

“It is well that the earth is round that we do not see too far ahead.”- Meryl Streep

I think of these words when I am planning my future. The truth is, I want security without eliminating the element of surprise. Reading off a script for the next 60 or 70 years would be convenient, but where is the fun in that?

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.46.36 AM

Journal Entry #14

~Adirondack Extreme~

I spent all of yesterday swinging from trees.


I signed up for this trip to Adirondack Extreme through my college, it was completely free and worth every second of my time. It’s located in upstate New York, one of the most beautiful places to hold an outdoors obstacle course.

We were at least 50 feet off the ground, swinging on ropes and skateboarding in mid air. We tested our strength, balance, mind and body. I discovered a side of me that I never had the chance to set free. IMG_0746

I love hanging in mid air with nothing but a harness to hold me up and the most beautiful views below my feet. My favorite part, zip lining through the branches of the trees I just conquered. We made it through all six courses, including the “black course” which not many even dared to try. However, it completely destroyed my upper body. My arms are still aching as I type.IMG_0742

All together, I never felt so alive or strong. I was flying. It almost feels unnatural not to balance on suspended blocks of wood and metal rings for half the day. My aura is rejuvenated and my sense of adventure is heavy. The understanding I have of myself and my limits are deeper. I somehow feel more confident as a person.IMG_0743

I was upset that my friends bailed out on me at the last second. I was crushed when I thought I might not be able to go on this adventure.

Screw it, I said to myself. I’ll conquer any social anxiety I may possess and make some new friends on the trip. Which, I can honestly say I did. Allison, John and Madison were some of the most motivational people to take on the forest with. I’m so glad they had my back throughout the entire trip.

         IMG_0744IMG_0740IMG_0745   IMG_0741