2 thoughts on “Opinion Polls

  1. Love these polls! ā¤ I mostly start out with a name, and then change it later when I come up with something better, so I have at least something to call my character before I really decide on a name. If that makes any sense. šŸ˜›

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  2. Kind of fifty/fifty for me, sometimes the names come easy, sometimes it takes a while, but as your poll suggests naming someone can be a struggle. When working on a alien name (for Sci Fi) I sometimes take a person’s name and change their constants and vowels with the next one on the list. (a,e,i, o, u and sometimes y)

    Like a major character in my next book is named after my daughter Katelyn well that became Levimap. (not that the character is based on her, just the name)

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