Opinion Polls

Polls are geared towards all bloggers. Latest polls at the top, but feel free to participate in older polls as well! Polls are added sporadically but generally on the weekends. Pleasant Polling!






  1. Love these polls! ❤ I mostly start out with a name, and then change it later when I come up with something better, so I have at least something to call my character before I really decide on a name. If that makes any sense. 😛

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  2. Kind of fifty/fifty for me, sometimes the names come easy, sometimes it takes a while, but as your poll suggests naming someone can be a struggle. When working on a alien name (for Sci Fi) I sometimes take a person’s name and change their constants and vowels with the next one on the list. (a,e,i, o, u and sometimes y)

    Like a major character in my next book is named after my daughter Katelyn well that became Levimap. (not that the character is based on her, just the name)

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