Blog Tour Nomination

I am so grateful for my second nomination! Thank you 90sgrungechick, author of for this sick award and inviting me on this blog tour.

The rules for this one are simple; pass the tour on up to four other bloggers. Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post. (Post whenever you wish). Answer four questions about your creative process that lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.

  1. What I’m working on at the moment?

“Charged,” which is the novel I’ve been posting snippets of little by little. However, my goal is not to rush it, so I have been taking breaks from it and only writing when the inspiration is high. Other than this I focus on my blog and individual short stories.

  1. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Seeing as I have most recently been working on “Charged,” I’d say I’ve fallen victim to the catastrophically thrilling world of dystopia. As a dystopian author, I am not exactly sure how my work differs from others yet. I am still in the early stages, but I’d say that I enjoy adding more imagery than most. I want my readers to feel that they exist in the world I created. I want them to feel they are dreaming when they glide through the pages of my book.

  1. How does my writing and creative process work?

Simple. I daydream about my novel throughout the day, twisting the storyline in my head. I begin playing out different scenarios and when I create one that I am in love with I jot it down. When I feel inspired enough to elaborate, I write.

  1. Why do I write and create what I do?

Writing is a very personal experience for me. I use my keyboard to paint a canvas of words. I see these words as different colors and arrange them in the most beautiful scheme. Writing sets my creative genius free.

What Inspires me?

I am inspired by the world around me. I take real life situations and people into my creative process. I am also inspired by the works of others, although there are far too many to list here. Sometimes I inspire myself by saying or doing something I would have never expected.

Now, I’d like to nominate 4 other talented, creative, and inspirational blogs. Each of these are quite different from each other but exciting to read in their own way.






Spread The Word To End The Word

As many of you already know, I am not only an aspiring writer, but a college student studying to become an elementary school teacher with a double major in Psychology and Special Education. My roommates and I are teaming up to spread awareness to stop the offensive use of the word “retarded.” Like this post, share it, join our Facebook event below or vow to take this pledge with us!

We pledge #Respect through our words and actions. Will you? Pledge now to create communities of inclusion for people with ID.

Take the pledge:

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One Lovely Blog Award!

WOOHOO!! I can’t believe it! I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award! This award has been floating around my reader for some time now, however, to actually be nominated for it warms my heart. I cannot express how grateful I am for this awesome nomination and would like to thank Next Step to Nirvana for selecting me as a recipient!

The Rules now dictate that I list 7 pretty awesome facts about myself, so here I go.

  1. I speak Greek and have traveled to Greece many times, to an Island called “Kefalonia” where my family owns a house.
  2. I have often thought about switching my major to theater, since I love acting and performing on stage.
  3. Since diaper days, I have been told that my eyes are my best feature. I know you can’t see them, but they’re green.
  4. I love art, something I got from my mother. I am currently painting a tapestry for my dorm room.
  5. I have a self-diagnosed spelling deficiency. If spell check seized to exist I may as well.
  6. My father is my favorite person. I look up to him in every possible way.
  7. My dream home is a top floor penthouse apartment in NYC, right on Park Avenue.

Next I’d like to nominate 15 other lovely blogs for this One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks again and happy blogging!

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A Shout Out to the Following:

Yesterday I posted a thank you in return for all of your love and support. I now how over 500 followers in such a short period of time, something that could not have been accomplished without you guys. I mentioned that whoever commented on that post would receive a “shout out” in my next post. Well here I am keeping my promise!

So here they are, 20 of the best blog’s around. You’d be smart to follow 🙂

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A Formal Thank You

I am in awe. After only a month of blogging I have received so much support for my writing, especially for my snippets. I Love all of your feedback and appreciate everything you have done for my blog.

In return for all of your follows, likes and comments I would like to do something for all of you.

Anyone who would like to comment on this post before midnight will receive a shout out in my next post with a direct link to your blog.

Thanks again guys! Happy Blogging 🙂