Fan Mail

I don’t usually get fan mail, and most definitely not in the form of haikus. But when your partner in crime writes you something so sweet, you post it on your blog.

A poem from my biggest fan, dedicated to yours truly.

You are my baby

You are my perfect woman

Can you stay that way? 


Traveler’s Bucket List

I often think of where I want to travel when I become rich and famous, but it really is difficult to narrow down ten or twelve. And of course to become rich and famous, but It’s healthy to dream.

I’ll give you a catalogue of my Top Twelve in alphabetical order, a bucket list if you will.

I will always and forever label Greece as my #1. Since I’ve been to Athens 8 times, however, I’m going to leave this beauty out for now.

Here are the top 12 places I want to visit, at least before they disappear:

  1. Alaska – I have a soft spot for pretty ice
  2. Brazil – Because that soft spot includes dying rain forests such as the Amazon
  3. Cuba – Like a forbidden fruit, I must bite it
  4. Dead Sea – Worthier than it sounds. Who doesn’t want to float on their bottom?
  5. Egypt – The pyramids, and I need more camels in my life
  6. Fiji – Water from the source
  7. Galapagos Islands – Maybe I’ll discover a new species
  8. Japan – Mostly for Mount Fuji, I love a good volcano
  9. Nauru – The smallest country in the world, and it’s sinking
  10. New Zealand – I’m a nature lover and a colossal squid lover
  11. Norway – Vikings! Fishing Villages! Frozen!
  12. Scotland – I do a mean Scottish accent. I was also a castle born lady in a past life.

And here’s #13 for good luck:

13. Venice – You know, before it’s completely submerged

The big 7

New Years Resolutions? What about Life Resolutions? There are so many things that I want to accomplish in this lifetime, wants and desires that I know will be carried out. Why you ask? Because I said so.

  1. I want to finish college before I’m neck deep in unpaid debt.
  2. I want to become a teacher, loved and respected by my students.
  3. I want to travel, especially to places that won’t be on the map forever.
  4. I want to perform on stage at least once in my life.
  5. I want to fall in love with myself before I allow others to.
  6. I want to write that best seller I’ve always dreamed of.
  7. I desire people to remember me with both sweet and sour memories, but to remember me forever.

The New Years Manifesto. 2015

1. Look for what makes you happy, look past the sorrowful.

Life is much too short not to explore the beautiful.

2. Find people who inspire you, who broaden your knowledge.

Leave behind the simpletons you met before college.

3. Travel to the most dazzling cities, forget home for a while.

See new sights, learn new languages, try on a new style.

Finals Week At A Glance

  1. Dinning hall food has become dessert for the untouchables.
  2. The library is so full they had to make a second one in the student center.
  3. Meghan Trainor has taken over my study radio.
  4. Love my housemates, I just can’t wait to escape them for four weeks.
  5. I’m too broke to buy people christmas presents.
  6. My parents aren’t suppose to agree that I’m going to fail at life.
  7. To the man streaking naked outside my window, you’re doing finals week right.
  8. Who do I track down to get an adderall around here?
  9. My younger siblings get to decorate our tree while i’m here rethinking my life choices.
  10. I built a fireplace out of cardboard. I’m proud of it too.
  11. Can I pack yet?
  12. Of the five days I had planned to study for my exam, I choose tomorrow to begin.

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