Mini Adventures – New England 

This weekend I traveled up north to visit my roommate in the state that “lives free or dies.” No really, it says that on their license plate.

I went with my other freshman year roommate. Together we took on Londonderry and Portsmouth New Hampshire, some light house in Maine, MIT and the Science museum in Boston throughout the span of 4 days.

Here, take a look.

Nubble Light House, Maine

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Scenic Adventures

I have a love/hate relationship with trains. I enjoy the views, I only dread sitting still for two hours. I reach Grand Central Station and meet up with my father who works right across the street in Mid Town Manhattan. I’ve seen that starry ceiling a hundred times, and yet it never becomes less incredible. He drives me back over the bridge to our quaint little home in New Jersey. Much of the time i’ll daydream about my novel, playing around with the storyline. It’s easy to spark good ideas in beautiful places, even on a cloudy day.


My Personal “I Spy”

I spy with my little eye:

The first book I ever read,

The ball in a hoop I’d shoot before bed,

The artists I loved when I was 10, 11, 12,

The evil eye that’s blue on the very bottom shelve.

My shot glasses from all over the place,

A post card from Antigua and a pencil case,

A heart from my boyfriend’s sisters,

Two puppies that I both considered misters.

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