Are You Feeling It Now, Mr. Krabs?

Throughout my teens and my early twenties, I have always found birthdays to be swift and unchanging, but this year more than ever I am feeling my age. There is this lingering after effect, something more than a sobering up after the festivities, where I am just starting to notice my early 20’s coming to a close.

Maybe it’s the situation I find myself in to be unfamiliar and yet… energizing. Birthdays are a time of self-reflection. At 23 I am just out of college, a working woman, living her life as smooth as a polished Jimmy Choo. Yes, my career is at its early stages and my position can be considered entry level, but I am right where I wanted to be at this point in my life.

I am living in Manhattan, surrounded by the most incredible group of friends, all thriving off the same fast-paced energy and drinking in every bit of light from the city that never sleeps. It might be the good weather that has me in such high spirits, or maybe there is something new, something more colorful about this year ahead.

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