A Relationship Is Like A Piece Of Cake

One of my long-time followers had left a very detailed comment on one of my previous posts. I found it to be an excellent analogy for what draws us into a relationship, and more importantly, what keeps us enticed. Thank you for your wisdom, Alan!

A relationship is like a piece of cake. We are drawn to it by the icing. The design, colors, sugar fragrance and all attributes of confectionary delights is what first catches and holds our attention. Then we take a bite which includes the body of the cake which is hidden by the icing. If we find the substance of the cake to be soft, moist and satisfying, then the enjoyment of the icing is not diminished in the least. If we find the cake to be dry and tasteless then we are disappointed, and the icing that had originally drawn us to it has lost its appeal.

As with a piece of cake, there is more to a person than the initial outer trappings. Is there a deeper substance or is it purely superficial? That is why love is not based on feelings/emotions, but is, instead, an act of the will. For this reason love lasts, where love based on feelings fade when trial shows itself. Love is not found in that which draws to people together, but rather in that which keeps them together.


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