A Rather Lopsided Day

Bad days exist, with cause or without. Today I felt a gloomy little cloud above my head. He was as gray as the cobblestones beneath my sandals. I am walking in over seventy-degree weather in Florence, Italy. People are out, laughing and chatting and eating wonderful food outside accompanied by a glass of wine. Why aren’t I smiling?

A few days ago a hairdresser around the block decided my hair needed more than the trim I asked for. Today I walked around this beautiful city with lopsided hair. I pinned it up so no one could tell. But when it’s a bad hair cut it doesn’t matter how you try to hide it, you know it’s bad, even if nobody else notices.

It’s not just the hair. Perhaps it’s a bit of homesickness, but I don’t like to admit it to many people. I came here to seek change and adventure, not to long for the same old thing. I do, however, miss my old chopped locks.

I walk home thinking my depressing attitude could strike a pigeon dead out of the sky. The guys who usually try to sell me selfie sticks didn’t even offer as I passed them by. I felt alone with the Red Hot Chili Peppers blasting in my ear and my suckish drawing from art class. It’s of a crooked face, but at least it’s not as crooked as my hair.

I am curled up bed with my headphones trying to binge watch Parks and Rec and hoping that I cheer up before my trip to Germany tomorrow evening. It’s Beer Fest, and I’ll have to braid my warped hair to match my dirndl skirt. I know what you’re thinking, “Poor girl, traveling the world and drinking beer, what a hard life.”

Well you know what? Sometimes it’s a bad day without reason. Sometimes a little steam needs to be let out of a cool pot. And when you’re hair looks like something out of a horror film, blog about it and call it a night.




  1. Angela,
    Sorry for your bad hair day. But, a bad cut only emphasizes that we all have imperfections. And some that can’t be seen. An old Native American sage once said: “In ever person’s soul there are two dogs fighting. One is evil and one is good. The one you feed most is the one that wins.” So feed the good dog and go happily on your way. If a bad hair cut is your greatest concern, then consider yourself blessed, and put your hair in braids and have a stein of beer for me in Germany.


  2. Hey Angela.I can relate. I know language differences might be a problem but can you go back and get a different stylist there to even out your hair? I understand if you don’t go back. Once I was so disgusted with my cut I went back to another place and she totally revamped it into something cute. If you have the cash, that might be an option. Hair is like that for women/girls, it effects us a lot. But cheers, you won’t even care at beer fest and your still in Florence 🙂


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