Describing Black To A Blind Person

Black is mysterious. She attends work every day in a scandalously fitting dress, the hem dangerously high above the knee. Her shoulders are back and her head is held high. Her hair feels gelled in a slick back in a ponytail, gripped by the tightest hair elastic. You hear the doorknob twist as she enters through the double doors; an impeccable sense of confidence floods the room. She appears determined although her motives are a continuous riddle. A mass of puzzle pieces left scattered on the floor, you think to ask, but remain seated. As she approaches you, her stilettos click as steadily as a metronome. They echo off the marble floors in the great hall, an empty space that has been vacant for years. You are unsure why she has come to visit. If you ask, she will not respond. Black does not speak; she does not make even the faintest sound. Only the continuous click of her heals can be heard and the chill of her presence can be felt.

At first the mystery is exciting, thrilling, and alluring. There is a certain sex appeal in the air above your ears. She has a sinful tone in her melodramatic behavior. You again hear the click of her heels and imagine them tossed off to the side. It is clear, however, her sins of are of a different nature. You again question her motives. The sexiest color, Black is also the most dangerous. Click. You begin to feel intimidated by her presence and the hairs on your neck stand tall. Your stomach tenses and you begin to sweat, but the room is still unmistakably cool.

She is less than a meter in distance and you cannot read her actions, there is no time to contemplate your own. The smell of liquorish creeps into your nose and you sneeze, eyes shut, and she is everywhere at once. A stone cold decision maker, there is no “gray area” in her judgment. Black does what she wants, and loves the charade. She feeds off of your confusion, vulnerability. The satisfaction she gains from your discomfort is invisible. There is not even the crack of a smile on her lips before the clicking stops and she is breathing down your collar. Like a black hole she is frozen in time. No introduction is necessary… she is here.



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