Kissed. (Revised)

I kissed those bloody

Lips stained with unfaithfulness.

Then sugar coated,

Not with candy canes or sweets,

But lies spit from the same smile.


A shared smile.

The lipstick was red

But not the shade in my purse

Smeared on your collar.

That devilish grin reveals

No hint of remorse and still


We sin together.

This is a not so much a revision as it is a continuation of a Tanka I wrote months ago entitled “Kissed.” I expanded on it, creating a double Tanka with two lines inserted that do not follow the tanka format, but are used creatively (And for dramatic effect, of course).

This poem was written for my creative writing course, but an instant favorite of mine. One line that did baffle my classmates however, was:

“The lipstick was red, but not the shade in my purse, smeared on your collar.”

Personally I felt that line to be the clearest of all, but let me know how you interpreted it and the rest of the poem!



  1. I like the line. It conveys the girls intentions. She knows he’s not faithful she doesn’t care. He shows “no remorse” and of course will go along with it if she will. He’s probably thrilled he’s getting away with it. They both “sin” anyways, despite knowing. Excellent. I hope you got a good mark.

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