The Year of the Writer – Part 2

A year ago I decided 2015 was going to be “The Year of the Writer.” As other new years resolutions crept down the rabbit hole, this one proudly stood above ground and even climbed a few trees.

I started a blog which gained just under 1,500 followers in a year. It was a major ego boost and encouragement to continuing writing creatively and sharing my work with others.

I took a creative writing course this past semester, which to my surprise actually helped me advance as a writer and as a creative thinker. I walked into that class thinking writing and especially creative writing is a skill you must be born with, and that it is impossible to teach. My professor was very free spirited, open, and knowledgable about a variety of writing techniques I am now able to incorporate into my poems and stories.

I had an idea for a novel I may finish one day, a story I feel more than passionate about. Although the year of the writer is over, the lessons I have learned and the empowerment I have gained are only the head start to my journey. I intend on spending the rest of my life building a better writer out of myself, out of this first year of true motivation and success.

I encourage other young writers like myself who may one day think about starting a career out of their talents but receive just as much enjoyment from free writing and blogging to never drop the pencil. Do everything in your power to seize the day and turn the inspiration from your life into the words you yourself bring to life.

Journal Entry #29



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