When Love Won’t Kick The Bucket

Ella had just gotten back together with Eric, and although Amelia disapproved Ella was one of her best friends and would take her word for it that Eric had changed. They had been on and off again for more than a quarter of their lives. One graduated college and the other in her junior year, we thought it was time for them both to move on with their lives, to stop holding each other back (more so Eric holding Ella back). After weeks of speculated cheating on his part, everyone truly believed Eric had finally been flushed down the toilet.

It came as a shock that, although Eric had not been unfaithful (allegedly), Ella was still under his hook and this fish was not yet ready to kick the bucket.

However, Amelia was in no place to judge. She herself had been facing an inevitable end with her own high school sweetheart. A man who appeared perfect and may have honestly been… he had nothing wrong but his timing.

When Amelia told me she wanted to end it with Mason I was left stunned and slightly heartbroken for a couple who for many years had defined the term “relationship goals.” How could such a romance, such a blazing spark dim without the slightest gust of wind? Perhaps they were too young, to quick to fall head over heals. They needed time to explore other things, other people, to learn what they could each offer themselves before they could offer themselves to each other. Timing is everything, so they say.

Amelia questioned this many times since the breakup, continuously wondering if she had made the right decision. This was a guy she could trust, her best friend. She, unlike Ella, had chosen not to take back her beloved on-and-off-again lover when he came crawling back up her steps and knocking at her front door. It was not the kind crawling that you imagine being desperate, no. Mason had a respectful way of courting his women. To his misfortune Amelia wasn’t going to budge, not with the new man candy she had wrapped around her finger in their brief time apart.

Parker is intelligent, proper, and politically correct in every way. By proper I mean he is the type of well-off and family oriented guy you bring home to mother, the kind who does everything he is suppose to in a relationship and offers more security than spark.

Amelia and Parker engaged in a sort-of blind romance. He was unaware of Amelia’s past and she had over looked their lack of connection for the sake of moving on.

It was this realization that lead Amelia into Mason’s sheets last night. A discussion she was not reluctant to elaborate on in a tone that seemed more content than apologetic. Poor Parker never stood a chance, but I’m more than certain he’ll carry on with another rich and bland beauty like himself. Now I only fear for Mason’s emotional security, considering Amelia’s desire but reluctance to take him back. And to tell you the truth, I think some more time apart is for the best. If Amelia and Mason need time to fall back in love with themselves before they can love each other, it might as well be now or never.

Journal Entry #27




  1. Relationships are difficult things especially when you have found yourself in one for awhile and are not sure where to go from there. I had a friend who went out for a guy since 10th grade when she was 15 and they were together 10. Years and engaged when she broke it off. It was hard on her but the right choice. She is much happier now. People change a lot from high school to university, to a stage of working/getting married/having a kids and relationships alter. As for what your friends think, even the best friends can give the wrong advice. I would say it is better to keep your relationship to you and your guy and be more vague when you tell your friends. They love you and will take your side and probably forget to see the good things about your partner. Just my experience.
    Great story!

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