Frugal Ways To Have Fun

As a college student between the ages of 18 – 20, I understand the struggles of being young and energetic with all the time in the world and no money to spend on making that time worthwhile. Old enough to drive but too young for the bar scene, how is an individual in this age group suppose to live? Over the years my friends and I have become masters of cheap entertainment for the underage and penniless. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to pass down this mind-blowing and top-secret information to the next generation of canny penny-pinchers. Most of these activities are for all age groups looking to be more frugal with their expenses, a list of differentiated ways to have a great time while saving your wallet the tummy ache.

  1. BYOS Movie Nights.

Let’s face it… movie theater popcorn is beyond orgasmic and there’s little else that can satisfy your cinema-snack needs. But you’re thrifty and recognize a scam when you see one. AKA, 5 cents per kernel and that doesn’t even include the butter. After careful research my friends and I discovered that on the way to our regular movie theater and probably on the way to yours there is something call a drug store. It sells every type of snack identical to those at your local theater for a guaranteed 50% off or more. Bring your own sack, or as a cheaper alternative, stay home and have a good old-fashioned movie night. Make some s’mores, pop in an old Disney movie, and start singing along with your friends.

  1. Half Price Off Nights.

Most entertainment places have some form of a discount night. Take advantage! It may not always be as convenient as Friday or Saturday night, but Tuesday night can be just as promising if you’re broke and bored. These places include ice-skating, bowling, billiards, rollerblading, and plenty more. I’ve even done half price rock-climbing and college-student discounted trampoline night our local “Bounce.” Look into entertaining places like these in your area and see if they have a discount night of the week. If not, most of these places already come pretty cheap.

  1. Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

This one is pretty obvious, but overlooked more than you would think. Do you live near a basketball or a tennis court? Excellent. Now you can get back in shape while having fun and saving gas money. Get your friends involved and make teams, add the competitive edge and watch your friendships disintegrate on the court. If you’re not very sporty, take advantage of nature and find a nice park or a walking bridge to take in the scenery with your friends. I have recently discovered the joys of hiking and simple walking trails. These adventures also make for excellent Instagram opportunities.


This last one is my favorite and most gratifying tip. Did you know that you could get free tickets to be a studio audience member of Late Night with Seth Meyers or The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? I have personally been to both of these shows, both awesome experiences and more convenient than you would think. Try scoring tickets for any morning, daytime, or late night show in whichever city you live closest to. Watch the replays on YouTube and pause the screen when you see yourself bouncing up and down in the crowd. Then, take a screen shot to show your grandkids.



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