– From the Greek language, meaning “excellence of any kind.”

While finals are undressing my sanity and the lack of sleep weighs down my eyelids, I somehow still found a sprinkle of Arete in my step today.

This morning I could have been mistaken for a cast member of The Walking Dead. Running on only three hours of sleep, I will tell you I still had the biggest smile on my face throughout each class I fell asleep in.

I bought a cup of coffee without any coffee in it, and then had to return to the cashier to ask if I could go back and fill my empty cup. The woman held back a burst of laughter and said, “Oh honey, you need it.”

I later proceeded to fall asleep during a partnered presentation. That’s absolutely correct, I nodded off in the middle of a power point presentation in front of twenty-five peers and an extremely amused professor.

It may have been the excitement of getting accepted to study abroad next semester or even the boy who brought the word Arete to my attention, but the heavy work load of these last few weeks has not yet crushed my spirit. I am keeping a positive attitude and appreciating the little things. The boy may have also accounted for my lack of sleep, but that’s a different story for another time.


Journal Entry #25



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