Fishing In The Meat Department

Is it a coincidence that men will always find a woman most attractive when she in a relationship? Is it strange to think that we are most desirable when we are unattainable?

Take my friend Nols, for example. Men were practically lining up at her dorm room all of last semester. All finely cut pieces of meat, if I may add. However, she had been in a committed relationship with a senior up until graduation day when it was decided that this piece of meat had an expiration date.

Now, single and ready to mingle, Nols is ready to get back in line at the supermarket. Resting on the shelves before her are pounds of freshly chopped beef waiting to be sautéed. The only problem, none of them are smart enough to jump in the cart.

It is a rare sight when a fine looking lady puts her self out there in the most obvious way only to be shut down. I am also positive that none of these men realize how blatantly obvious she is being about it. And if I have to hear about how my housemate isn’t getting laid one more time I may actually travel to the supermarket myself, buy some milkshakes, and lay them out on our front yard.

I find this true for myself as well. Recently put back on the market, I find that it is much harder reel in a man when you’re actually fishing for one. As opposed to just swimming in the lake and feeling them nibble at your toes.

Yesterday, however, I may have put forward the proper bait. Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.07.58 PMA lovely lad in my creative writing class with the most flagrant sense of humor was found dangling at the end of my hook. An excellent writer and indeed a looker, I decided to give it a shot.
He held the door open for me, both physically and metaphorically. And although I wasn’t prepared to make a move, I did. This surprised me but also excited me. Maybe I still have some matches left to start a fire.

We walked home together and I laughed at everything thing that he said. Until he said goodbye and I gave some very goofy response about class next week. I thought about it as soon as I walked in through the door, thinking maybe there was some hope left that my fish hadn’t gone and jumped ship.

To my at most delight, there was. I woke up to a friend request from the red snapper himself. He must have been Facebook stalking me too.

So there it was, a 21st century courtship setting sail. Perhaps men aren’t always looking to catch what they can’t have and there is no such thing as a period of time when we are undesirable. As long as we have our fishing rods and the proper bait, we are most desirable always.

Journal Entry #24



  1. Reminds me of a poem I penned long ago with a fishing theme The One That Got Away. Relationships aren’t the only opportunities that follow this universal rule. I find many things are like that the good books, movies, events and work possibilities always present themselves when we are already busy.

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