Too Frigid To Swim

Miles of restless blue waters

Shatter against the sand beneath my toes.

November is too frigid to swim

And the ocean is widowed once more.

Parted from the charm of summer and her honeyed warmth

The ocean morns his once crowded beaches.

Eighty-sixed and forgotten,

He looks to me, the last of his most loyal patrons.

I dip my palms in his salty tears and breath in his briny scent.

My body quivers at his arctic touch and I shy away.

The waves are furious, rising tide and begging me to stay.

My sandals have turned into snow boots,

My towel has become a tunic.

You have become cold and I have become reserved.

Summer will shine her light again and the others

Will run back with their bear feet.

However my toes will always be covered

And my heart will never be thawed.



  1. Interesting take on the seasonal changes along the shore. Missed my own summer visit with our favorite beach this year and your words remind me of all that I wasn’t able to enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

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