Journal Entry #22

~An Entire Bag of Potato Chips~

There is only a hand full of activities I would like more than to spend every moment of my twenty-four hour day writing… writing blog posts, snippets, poems, and even those little notes I like to scribble myself before bed. 

However… when the writing task is mutilated into that of an essay or a case study, as I am hopelessly procrastinating from at this time, the intrinsic motivation has flown from my body and migrated south for the semester.

As I spend time writing this post, I ignore the fact that this paper is due on Tuesday… three days from this exact point in time, minus eight hours. I ignore the test I have scheduled for this Monday, you know, the one based on all those readings I neglected? I ignore the millions of letters, which make up the thousands of words I will have to skim – not read – that create hundreds of sentences inside tens of books I have barely dusted off from the bookstore.

What day is it? The nineteenth?! Has it really been three weeks?

I throw my head into my hands and sulk over the coming thirteen weeks. I panic over my fifth semester, me, a junior in college. Can you believe it?

I’m a semester away from study abroad, three semesters away from student teaching, and a whopping six-hundred and something days away from the rest of my life.

What was I suppose to be doing again? Oh that case study paper, right. 

I tell myself I have “senioritis,” the excuse an upperclassman gives his peers for why they’ve stopped trying. “Who cares? We’re almost there! This sh*t won’t matter soon. Chill out and have a beer.” I think about a lazy, two hundred and ten pound football player failing a third of his classes and sipping his corona while watching the big game on screen with his buddies. The sad truth is, I’m no better. I’ve been a victim of senioritis since freshman year, and I’m still getting over the senioritis I had in high school. 

I like to just pretend that one day I’ll be famous. It doesn’t matter how I accomplish that, just that it’ll happen. I like to have daydreams about being on the red carpet in the middle of class – or worse – in the middle of an exam.

Just like I’ll be doing on Monday when I have zero words read off the study guide and no information processed. Did she even give us a study guide? 

In the half hour It took my to write this blog post, which somehow became incredibly side tracked and went in the complete opposite direction from what I had originally planed, I have done but one other accomplishing task.

I finished an entire bag of potato chips.

And a sea of desperate college students flood behind me in the shape of a broadway choir to sing the words I wish were true, “You should put that on a resume,” before the curtain drops and we move on to the next scene of my life.  



  1. Rest of your life? I know it doesn’t feel like it, but this is the rest of your life. You are living it. Now that you’ve vented and ate some food, keep calm and do the reading!


  2. The chips are gone, the clock is ticking and you need to get in the study/school writing zone—pronto. I know what it’s like to be required to write papers about stuff you could care less about and to study stuff that is borrrrrrring. Gott’a do it anyway so you can have what you want—a degree, a great job and a new life. When you are stuck, just think about all the great things you can do and experience because you pushed through the crappy parts of college and finished your course.

    Here is my suggestion to you via author and teacher Anne Lamont. She says in her book Bird by Bird, “Bird by bird buddy. Bird by bird.” Gott’a read her book. Pick one thing, and only one thing, that you can work on right now. Break each thing down into steps, put on some good music, big glass of ice water and knock it out. Good luck and may you get inspired to write some great stuff tonight!

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  3. When it really comes down too it all that studying and readings aren’t that important. Just for the moment you have that test of paper. What’s more is your learning to think and see different view points with your degree. And get all real life practice you can, because internships etc are definitely useful. Good luck with your studies.

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