The Communications Department – An Outsiders Perspective

5 minutes before class starts. I’m sitting in between Em and Nattles. They are laughing at the way I type. They think I type vigorously, but I don’t see it. Anxiously awaiting their professor to arrive, I decide to write a blog post about it.

This isn’t my class. This isn’t even a class that I will ever have to take. This is a public relations research methods class I stuck myself in for the sole purpose of shits and giggles. My real class was canceled, so for some reason I thought it would be fun to join my housemates during their hour and 15 minute class.

Six minutes in and I’m already regretting it. Their professor is over bubbly and round. Kind of like a large, plaid bouncy ball. She welcomed me in, and now i’m sitting in the back smushed in between my friends.

It’s presentation day, so i’m observing two girls present a half-assed powerpoint on fashion. If I hear the word “um” one more time I might vomit. Thank God, it’s over. There wasn’t much else to do but document my experience. Sitting and waiting for the next monotone presentation, I let Nattles read what I’ve written so far. She holds back a chuckle.

Em sits to my right, she was texting and now she’s looking up youtube videos. Nattles was looking up a taylor swift article before also switching to youtube. I look around to see most students either texting or googling random stuff as well. I start observing the atmosphere of the classroom. It’s so different than an education major’s experience, it almost feels like a separate school entirely.

My professors do not allow texting or nodding off into space. They treat us like they would an elementary school classroom, they keep us involved and attentive the entire class period. A few of my classes do not even allow computer use for typing. But that doesn’t matter, at least we get snack time.

So, as I sit and wait for the third group to present, I think about how lucky I am to be in the education department. My teachers are more engaging, the students are more involved, and I don’t feel like killing myself a half hour in.



  1. This reminds me, fondly, of my days in college studying journalism. One of my electives was Sociology and while we enjoyed a giggle or two in the program I always had a sense of enjoyment discovering new cultural norms quite unlike our own in many respects. I don’t recall experiencing the “shits” to which you refer…though I did have moments in journalism and also our national law studies that sometimes drew me completely to distraction.

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  2. That’s quite funny. I remember when I was at college I used to compare notes about classes with my flat-mates. Their classes always sounded much more interesting than mine, but I never went as far as joining one of their classes


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