Journal Entry #14

~Adirondack Extreme~

I spent all of yesterday swinging from trees.


I signed up for this trip to Adirondack Extreme through my college, it was completely free and worth every second of my time. It’s located in upstate New York, one of the most beautiful places to hold an outdoors obstacle course.

We were at least 50 feet off the ground, swinging on ropes and skateboarding in mid air. We tested our strength, balance, mind and body. I discovered a side of me that I never had the chance to set free. IMG_0746

I love hanging in mid air with nothing but a harness to hold me up and the most beautiful views below my feet. My favorite part, zip lining through the branches of the trees I just conquered. We made it through all six courses, including the “black course” which not many even dared to try. However, it completely destroyed my upper body. My arms are still aching as I type.IMG_0742

All together, I never felt so alive or strong. I was flying. It almost feels unnatural not to balance on suspended blocks of wood and metal rings for half the day. My aura is rejuvenated and my sense of adventure is heavy. The understanding I have of myself and my limits are deeper. I somehow feel more confident as a person.IMG_0743

I was upset that my friends bailed out on me at the last second. I was crushed when I thought I might not be able to go on this adventure.

Screw it, I said to myself. I’ll conquer any social anxiety I may possess and make some new friends on the trip. Which, I can honestly say I did. Allison, John and Madison were some of the most motivational people to take on the forest with. I’m so glad they had my back throughout the entire trip.

         IMG_0744IMG_0740IMG_0745   IMG_0741



  1. I did an outdoor adventure course for my college as well (and also without any friends!) and I agree that is one of the most incredible life events. You meet so many people and you have to learn to trust them while 50 feet above the ground! I’m glad you had an amazing experience and pushed yourself 😀

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