Journal Entry #12

~Another Break Bites The Dust~

Dorm sweet dorm.

Hundson Line – Metro North

I keep thinking it’s Monday. I came home from break yesterday and my brain won’t accept that today is Tuesday. I’m surprised I even showed up to the right classes this morning, considering I forgot all about my advisor meeting at 3:15. I’ve heard of jet lag, but what about train lag?

4:07 I e-mail my advisor, apologizing for skipping our scheduled meeting which I desperately I need in order to choose classes for next semester. She e-mails back asking If I could come at 6:30, which I surprisingly arrived on time for. Especially since I had to squeeze Zumba class and dinner in between.

Speaking of dinner, I was so excited that the cafeteria, for once, had something mouth watering. Greek “Yemista,” or in English, stuffed peppers. It was the most filling thing that place has ever fed me. It made me a little home sick as well.

Last night I cooked steak for the first time and with all honesty it was brilliant. The meat I purchased was a bit tough, but I cooked it to perfection. I decided to chop up a potato and make some fries to go with it.


IMG_0639So what else did I do today…. Oh yes! Twined with Em and Nat. It was half intentional and half unintentional. We all wanted to wear our black Toms and the rest just kinda happened. P.S, I’m the two size seven’s on the left.

I also removed the bones from an owl pellet in my “how to teach science 101.” I truly love that class. We get snack time and play with really neat college appropriate toys. Well, sort-of college appropriate. Like musical plato, paper planes and popsicle-stick-made catapults.

Yes, I’d say that’s appropriate.

Skull of a shrew



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