Journal Entry #10


I love the tonight show. Jimmy Fallon has taken over late night this past year, making trips to the city all the more exciting. My friends and I have been a part of his studio audience twice now since December. We have also been to Seth Meyers twice before that. Rockefeller Center feels like a home away from home, in a way.


Mit Romney was the first guest. Surprisingly, he wasn’t as boring as I expected him to be. they did a funny sketch where Mit was talking to himself in the mirror, worrying himself over the interview. They also threw a few cracks at his loosing the 2008 election, which I personally found hysterical.

Grace Helbig was there too. While I’m not a ginormous fan, my roommate is. She even got a wink from her as Grace exited the stage. I love it.

Jimmy killed it as always, his monologues slay me. The roots were talented as ever. Speaking of the roots, I have Quest Love’s drum sticks. Yup. The producer handed one to Em, Nols and I. If you look close enough, you can see his little afro on the handle!


It all ended when 50 Cent came out with his band, G Unit. My favorite line, “I do what the F*** I want to. I’m grown. I got my own couch.” Same 50, same.

I can’t help but dream of being a guest on that show. Promoting my book or even the movie version of my book. I dream big, but sometimes you have to. It doesn’t hurt that we know Seth Herzog, Jimmy’s opening comedian. He spent a good ten minutes talking to just us, and yes, we felt extremely special.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 12.01.34 AM

So here I am, sitting in front of my television watching the Tonight Show. I should really get back to it now, I’m waiting to see if we’re going to be featured on screen at all.

Wish us luck!

IMG_0500  Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 12.01.21 AM



  1. Fallon is the best of the late night talkers. I’ll check noteworthy clips the day after. I have trouble watching the interview with the celebrities that are just there to self-promote. I guess I’m spoiled by the intimacy of podcasts these days.

    Good luck with the writing. I’m still holding onto the dream of writing a book that sells well enough that I can quit the old day job. Unfortunately/fortunately it will have to be a heck of a book to replace my current salary and benefits. Blah.

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  2. If my debut novel- or any of my future novels for that matter- were ever to get the wide recognition that they deserve, I hope to wind up as a guest of Jimmy Fallon myself. Out of all the night time talk show hosts out there, he’s my favorite and here’s why: He ‘s a good listener, he’s a good communicator, and he’s naturally funny. I love the fact that he was selected to take over “The Tonight Show,” and so far he’s been doing a really good job at it.

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