Journal Entry #9

~Leaving Paradise~

I’m going back to school after this post. Literally, I just have to shut my computer and fit it in my suitcase. I don’t want to go, I just want to keep typing and prolong my stay.

I had a fantastic week, a break away from all the school work and more time spend with the people I love. More time with the family, friends, and of course him.

I must have gone to the movies five times since last saturday. Last night when I looked up at the board, I realized that that there were no more movies left to see. Focus, Cinderella, Insurgent, Kingsmen. All highly recommended.

I got the iphone 6 yesterday with some obnoxious case. Mark said It looks like a “gay zebra” with black and white stripes and a pink border. I kept arguing how little selection Verizon offers, or how it’s a designer brand. Since he didn’t know Kate Spade, I just dropped it.

I’m happy though. I can’t really complain. I ended my week with the most incredible date night, and snuck away to see him again this morning before packing up.

My mom just called for me. I’m leaving now. I guess this is it.

Till next time.



  1. Enjoy the rest of your semester … I always loved how the spring semester always felt like a race to the finish, with the weather more and more spectacular every day, and a full summer of warmth and sun like the best kind of finish-line trophy. 🙂 Here’s wishing you a happy and productive next month and a half! 🙂

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