Scraps – Unbalanced

I noticed that in everything I do and with whomever I meet, I am too good for or not good enough. Just once, I’d like to feel balanced.



  1. The key to feeling balanced is to stop creating the dichotomy in the first place. The dichotomy is in your head, nowhere else. You have created it, it’s your baby. You either drop it, or you learn to walk the tightrope.

    Secondly, you are talking about two different issues here. If you want clarity, these two issues should not be confused.

    The first issue -“everything I do” – is more difficult to deal with because it involves other peoples’ judgments, and you cannot escape those judgments. You’ll be dealing with them all of your life – from parents, teachers, employers, and so on. Just remember that it’s up to you to decide how much value there is, in any given situation, in someone else’s judgment.

    The second issue is easier because you are the one making the judgment as to who is “too good” or “not good enough.” Life gets a lot easier if you stop thinking in those terms. And how do you decide anyway? Everyone is so different. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. What criteria do you use? The bum on the street may be a kinder, gentler person than a wealthy, well-educated up-and-comer. There are, of course, some people that you connect with, and some people that you do not connect with, but that doesn’t make anyone better or worse.

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  2. Sometimes you’re too good, other times not good enough. Take a step back and you’ll see that this is the balance you’re looking for.

    Life is not one person or one moment, but a collection. Balance is in how everything fits together.

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