My Personal “I Spy”

I spy with my little eye:

The first book I ever read,

The ball in a hoop I’d shoot before bed,

The artists I loved when I was 10, 11, 12,

The evil eye that’s blue on the very bottom shelve.

My shot glasses from all over the place,

A post card from Antigua and a pencil case,

A heart from my boyfriend’s sisters,

Two puppies that I both considered misters.

A tea pot from my grandmother,

A photo frame that is like no other,

That rubix cube I have yet to figure out,

That astronomy book I’m so knowledgeable about,

Chocolate tea that is still in its box,

A penny jar from Chios that’s heavy as a rock,

A palm from Sunday of five years ago,

My first toy that I loved, the color of snow.

A bar of olive oil soap from Greece,

The sand from my island on Myrtos Beach,

A button from my first visit to Disney World,

More and more books with the pages curled.



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