Journal Entry #8

~St. Patty’s Day & My So-Far Spring Break~

Today I spent the day in New York City. My friends and I trolled around Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. Most of that was just passing by, but I just love being submerged in that atmosphere. I forget how wonderfully tall these buildings are from across the Hudson River. I forget how I actually love crowded city streets, bustling action and lights that never die. I am introverted at times, but I am not an introvert.

Our friend works at a Thai Restaurant/Bar in Brooklyn, so naturally we visited on St. Patrick’s day. The food was better than I expected. Fried calamari with spicy/sweet chili sauce and fried vanilla ice cream for dessert. I’m still suffering a food coma.

Staying home this week has been incredible. College is grand, but you tend to miss this familiar environment. You miss the food, your friends, your own bed. Above all, I missed sleeping into the afternoon. And who needs to travel when you live 5 minutes away from the greatest city on Earth?

Sure, I didn’t visit Daytona Beach or head down to Cancun for some topless, wild, drunken week I would never have remembered. I stayed home, the single spot from which my universe revolves.

I am spending my spring break with the people I love. We went bowling, where I surprisingly managed a personal top score of 125 (No guard rails). My wonderful boyfriend has taken me out to eat twice in the short while I’ve been here (another personal record).

On my first night back, my family went out to some fancy Lebanese place with some friends. We ate delicious food, drank a bit too much, and danced the night away. I don’t know if it was the wine, but when my parent’s got up to Greek dance in the middle of the restaurant and the whole place was making eye contact, I was not embarrassed. Nope. I thought they were the coolest, drunkest people in the house. So I got up and joined them.

What can I say? I’m an excellent Greek dancer. I should be after eight years of Saturday morning lessons and twenty years of Zorba music blasting in the home.

Anyway, I’ve been in my zone. Letting loose for the first time since New Years. I don’t know what the work load will be like when I get back, but I am trying to push through with as little worry as possible. Midterms are over and I believe they went well. Life is passing by so quickly, I can’t even believe my sophomore spring semester is half way over.

I’m going to leave on a good note. There are a few not-so-good things that have been going on a school and even here at home, but they don’t matter as much. This is my life motto. What matters are the spectacular things that over-shadow the bad.

With out a doubt, this spring break has been a spectacular one.



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