Journal Entry #7

~Call Me Carter, But I’m Going To Complain~

I have never complained about a professor like I am about to.

I love my classes, for the most part. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a department of teachers whose soul purpose is helping us learn the material and succeed in our studies. All except one.

Dr. Van Ornum, professor of Measurement and Evaluation for teacher education, has received excellent reviews for his class, a helpful guy and an “easy A.” While I am not too sure about the former, he definitely is an “easy A.”

A few weeks ago my class took a test based on only half of what is actually considered “Measurement and Evaluation.” The man, with his odd hand gestures and senseless rambling, gave us all 55 point curves after realizing two sections of his test were designed poorly.  “Only two?” I thought to myself.

Anyway, most if not all of the class received a decent grade. Tomorrow I have his midterm, and did I study for it? Nope. Here is why.

Van Ornum did not go over more than half of the material presented on the study guide. “Teacher made tests,” for example, was a project technically due last friday which none of us have even been told to start. This will be on the midterm, which I predict will be curved another 55, if not 100 points.

The text book does not correlate at all with why President Carter was a complainer, why Sputnik flies above our heads and why I should give a damn about his obsession with name cards. On the last day he should have reviewed for this test, he had us watch a video on autism. This class has nothing to do with autism. Ironically, this is a class based on how to give a test.

Maybe it is a joke, and this first person to call him out on it wins a cash prize, followed by the expression, “And this is how not to prepare students for an exam.” If this is not the case, I do not appreciate wasting money on silly lectures pulled out of a hat. I do not care for his anecdotes or obnoxious humor. Spraying dishwasher soap on the whiteboard was not that funny, and it probably caused a bunch more work for the janitor who had to clean up your mess. Other students maybe amused, but I am not. Here, I’ll give you back my 98.

Just teach me something relevant for crying out loud!



  1. I can relate to this. Every now and then I came across an instructor who seemed to have been born in a different universe. It’s frustrating when paying so much money for a class to listen to an instructor ramble aimlessly, until you can remember what subject your studying.

    There isn’t much you can do but pull out the books and do your best to self learn for the real world. You have my sympathy.

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  2. As a university prof, I’m sorry you are having this experience. There aren’t many like this, but it is true that mostly what you’re learning is what not to do–when you get to a position of leadership. Odds are his dept chair knows about his behavior, but it might be worth your time to make an appt and just ASK if the chair knows what is going on in these classes. Then ask the chair what s/he thinks should be done. You might not get to see the results, but you can rest knowing you tried. My guess is the dept chair will consider such issues in evaluating the prof.

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  3. It could be a case of a professor who did not want to teach this class but was required to in order to continue his tenure or research or whatever it is he truly does care about. You will find these professors at every college – they make no secret of their lack of desire to teach the class or they simply do not teach anything the class is supposed to teach.

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  4. Autism is relevant as all the hippys in the 70’s made drugs really popular so most kids born then onwards have a bit of it. And before. Or something, or at least it is better catogarisrd nowadays.


    • However, It is not relevant when learning how to make a test. This was my point. I have learned a lot about autism through my studies as an education major. It just doesn’t make sense to watch a video on it on a review day for a test that doesn’t have any relation.


      • I suppose. Your tutor probably had parents who took loads of drugs so he has no idea. Its strange how people with genuine qualifications are genuinely fucking dumb sometimes. They easily forget what they are doing or just bought their qualifications off the internet so they can steal blood and bodily organs off suicidal autistic people. A bit extreme I think people should have a look at robot livers and stuff the same as blood but not blood. I think they say the ebola virus came from bats and aids is really popular in africa so maybe people wefe transfusing bat blood over by the open air sewage system after having anal sex with several people. You never know.


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