Haiku – Hitting The Books

There is nothing more

Bothersome than studying

On a lovely day


  1. I can do you ONE better,
    There’s NOTHING more Bothersome,
    Than working a 12 hour Day,
    In a Mundane, Irritating, Life-Draining Job…

    While there are SO many Ideas & Thoughts running around in my Mind –

    Especially, when I want to Finish My Book Series!

    Life and it’s Little Detours!

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  2. Hear,hear – and you’ve said it, good! But, what about the other days when other excuses are found not to study? Excuses are aplenty, but time lost, is lost forever. Study while you can, if you want to take life head on or laze around on ‘lovely days’ and let life move on leaving you behind where you are – choice is yours!

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