Spread The Word To End The Word

As many of you already know, I am not only an aspiring writer, but a college student studying to become an elementary school teacher with a double major in Psychology and Special Education. My roommates and I are teaming up to spread awareness to stop the offensive use of the word “retarded.” Like this post, share it, join our Facebook event below or vow to take this pledge with us!

We pledge #Respect through our words and actions. Will you? Pledge now to create communities of inclusion for people with ID.

Take the pledge:


Join our Facebook event group:


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  1. Reblogged this on Educater and commented:
    It is so good when young people take initiative to bring about change. I share this post in support of the efforts of these folks.
    Expressions can heal or hurt, let empathy be your tongue alert.

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  2. Hi, Angela, thanks for your ‘like’ on my blog.
    I’m based in the UK, where I rarely come across this word now. People still use it in a ‘jokey’ context (yeah, I know, hilarious) but I never hear it in the context of health professionals etc. ‘Learning disabilities’ is much more the norm, even for people who are not involved in the education or care of those with Special Educational Needs (SEN also being a term widely used in state schools here.) I’m sure there are some parts of the UK where language like this is still acceptable, but not -thankfully- amongst people I know.
    I don’t know how this change has come about, but it has been pretty rapid, so there is potential for a speedy attitude turn around.
    There will always be ignorant people who think it’s amusing to deride those who are different, but good luck with your campaign- I hope it helps raise awareness that this is no longer acceptable.

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  3. HavIng a son with cerebral palsy and working as a middle school counselor Ive educated students about this word for 16 years young people is where to start a prevention model. Best wishes. Thanks for joining the movement.

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  4. Forgive my ignorance of Facebook. I have a page but I just don’t use it much for anything other than following other writers and artists, and posting my own expressions. What is a Facebook event? Does it happen on Facebook or is it a committing to a physical event. I already signed the pledge. I am willing to participate in any way that I able to support this cause.

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  5. Hey Angela, This is a great thing you are doing! I have a son, who is 35 and he is mentally challenged, and autistic and also has epilepsy. I have heard professionals say the word and many others thru the years. I signed up because this means a lot to me. Thank You! Jim

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