Haiku – Freely Doubting

Sometimes I wonder

If I am as beautiful

As I imagine



  1. Yes! You are far more beautiful than you imagine yourself to be! On the outside, you are simply Gorgeous and Ravishingly Beautiful. And on the inside where it really counts, you are Amazingly Fantastic! Just the way you are! No makeup or other fake stuff needed, you are radiantly stunning!
    I am lucky to have found your blog!

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  2. It’s said;
    Beauty is Held in the Eye of the Beholder.

    Those who will not See the Beauty in others,

    Cannot see the Beauty in themselves…

    Questioning this, that is which Makes You Even More So Beautiful,
    Heart – Mind – Soul… The rest’s also nice as well…

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  3. Okay, this Haiku touched me so I must comment. I’m not sure why it touches me. My first thought after reading it was, “You are more beautiful than you imagine.” *You can roll your eyes*.

    But it is more than just that thought that touches me. “Freely Doubting” yourself in such a genuine and beautiful way. Not putting yourself down in any way, Simply contemplating how you view yourself and wondering if it is accurate. I already gave you my perspective. The only perspective that matters is your perspective of yourself.

    I love your Haiku poetry.

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