Journal Entry #6

~A New Kind of Stress Relief~

I took up the sword.

The fencing sword, I mean. It hit me to give this old sport a try. It has been a few months since I started, and I find myself loving every minute of it. I spend only five hours a week holding it, but I do admire the feeling.

I have progressed in my training. I feel very confident now when I am up against others who have more experience. Especially the boys. There is something that feels right about wearing the mask, strapping on the white uniform and picking up my weapon.

I do not fence foil or saber, not that I have anything against these styles, but I much rather prefer the hard core sword that is epee. This style is fought with the least amount of rules, and I was never one to be keen on rules.

When I step up to greet my opponent there is always an ere of doubt. However, when the official calls “Onguard,” I am a stone cold blade with a pointed edge and a victim in plain sight.

I parry and take the blade, then with a firm wrist I stab. I release my worries for the time being, and concentrate on my opponent. I do this five times before I am the victor. It has become routine, although I have my tricks.

It is not just a sport, but an escape. With everything I have to worry about in a college week, it is always nice to take my troubles out with the blade at hand. Nevertheless, I do not always come out unscathed. The bruises on my arms and chest will vouch for me.

Even so, I wonder how I never discovered it sooner.

P.S – I know I’m holding a foil weapon and wearing a saber mask in this picture, but it was from when I first started. Can’t blame me!



  1. Hey there,
    Really COOL to hear this. Having that kind of OUTLET is really good!

    I can tell you when I started my Martial Arts training, rather the Self-Defense aspect of this;
    It also helped a great deal.
    But then, the Moment I have the TIME in going on with it,
    I’ll gladly do it further!

    Enjoy what makes you happy, ESPECIALLY when it helps you release some Stress!

    Liked by 1 person

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