Snippet #6

I don’t have to put on the ceremonial gown till tonight, so I slip on my hunting boots and grab my spear.

It’s heavier than I remember.

I look down and see Dimitri tugging on the other end, a smile on his chubby little face.

“Are you keeping me here hostage, Mimi?” I put the spear back on the wall and pick up my little munchkin of a brother. I cradle him in my arms and press my forehead against his. Our noses touch and he giggles. I hope his eyes stay blue like my fathers, they suite him well with his light blond curls. “Still can’t talk, huh? That’s all right. You’re the best listener in this house.”

“Gah!” he waves his pint-sized hands around my face before finally knocking off my father’s deerstalker. It makes only the faintest noise.

I pick up the hat just as Opal walks in.

A small snippet, not trying to give much away. I know I said I would stop posting these for a while, but I have moved further along in my writing and felt it was safe enough to post a few more from chapter one. You all keep me so motivated, and I am more than appreciative.



  1. That was a really good snippet to share. You really did capture my attention and as I read it, I was able to watch the scene unfold. Can’t wait for you to finish and you have the opportunity to turn it into a movie. Best of luck.

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  2. Just an observational question. “noises” or “noses”? “Our noises touch and he giggles.” Not being critical, just being the German that I am. 😉


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