A Man’s Land

I am trapped inside of a metal box.

It is small, and I am sitting on my bottom with my arms wrapped around my knees. The cold metal surface sends chills across my skin. I try pushing it away, but the metal folds in.

I worry that this is the end, there is no escape. I hear music in the background, pounding against the outer walls. the sound of electronic beats, quickening. I tap my foot to the sound, and the metal entraps my shoe, a perfect fit.

I raise my hand, and the metal pulls down to grab it. In one swift motion I stand, and the metal walls convulse around my legs, arms and torso.

I gaze around me, there are bright lights shooting pass me at infinite speeds. there are metal buildings, metal people walking down metal streets that shine against the pitch black sky.

I try stepping forward, and my suite steps with me.

I continue tapping my foot to the music, and before long I am kicked off the ground. Flying, spinning circles in the dark, night sky. The music drops the bass, and the other join me in the air.

We are invisible, strong, and free. I look down at the city below me, and there colors I have never known, speeds which I have never witnessed. I am tough enough to move buildings, keen enough to fly through them without a scratch. I am spinning and laughing and shooting beams of light through my palms.

I fly back to the others, “What is this?” I ask, patiently. No one responds.

I approach one of them. He does not acknowledge me, but continues tapping to the electronic pound of the drums. I look around, they are all men.

Suddenly I am pulled back, there is a hand on my wrist. No surprise, it is made of metal.

He drags me into one of the buildings, there are others like him. Tall, stern. They place me on a table.

“How did she get in here?” The man on the end asks.

The one who brought me here shakes his head. “I do not know, but we must send her back.”

Back where?” I ask.

My question is left unanswered. I am asked to lie on the table, face up. I do as I am told. They inject my suite with a silver serum, it releases me. I left powerless, weightless. I begin to float off the table.

The roof expands, and I am floating past the others. They continue dancing, tapping their feet. I wave goodbye to this strange new place.

My breathing slows, the air pressure is to thin. Gasping for a last breath, I reach the top of the city. There is a glass ceiling. I take a piece of scrap metal off of my shoe, the only bit of my suite remaining, and jab the ceiling above me.

The city shakes, and the music stops. The ceiling falls, glass shatters all around me. The sky is no longer black, and I am freed.


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