Haiku – Back Off

You are not clever

Or have power over me

I do not submit



  1. You just validated what I had been contemplating about your Haiku poetry. Most other Haiku poetry is meaningless to me. No value or real statement. In my opinion, it is merely form poetry without any real meaning, except possibly the poet.

    You, on the other hand, write Haiku with meaning and that makes some sort of statement. At the same time, you do so by using the lovely form of Haiku poetry.I have really given other Haiku poets a chance, by reading their expressions and trying to find something within them other than flowery words. Simply a painting of words that have no value, except to other Haiku readers and to the poet themselves.

    You have expanded the art to embrace a greater perspective. In doing so, you have expanded my perspective of Haiku poetry through your unique expression through Haiku poetry.


      • I certainly read most all that you write and I always take away a little something from what you write. Even if it’s a sense of frustration that you are feeling. I take that feeling, which I call something that “pisses me off” and use it to refine it into my own passion, using that passion to write something of my own. Either way, I always get something from what you write.

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