Quirky Quotes #5

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

– Benjamin Franklin

I fell hard for this quote when I first discovered it. It wasn’t until then that I realized the truth of it all. True writers are constantly doing one or the other, writing or looking for inspiration to write about. This blog, my novel in progress, they are always in the back of my mind.


  1. Good old Ben. His greatest talent was in writing something abstract and make it seem concrete. The first thing I thought when I read this quote was, “What is worth reading?” The second thing I thought was, “What is defines what we “do” that is worth writing?”

    A quote that was supposedly first said by Plato, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” stands the test of time far more than Ben’s quotes. Ben defines nothing within his thoughts. He was one of the most unoriginal thinkers in history. His arrogance which, in many ways, is the foundation of the arrogance of “Americans” that we now experience, ever flows through the “American” consciousness as being that of a great man and thinker. It’s a pity that he was merely an opportunist, who simply parroted that which he found to be of value to him, raising his status as a wise, “American” thinker and innovator, which was his true desire above all other things.

    The truly great “American” thinkers, who are often the most disregarded in our modern society, were Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine.

    In my opinion, if something means something to you, then it is worth writing. It doesn’t need the validation of others to be “worthy” to write. In fact, the greatest writings throughout history, were disregarded in their own time. They didn’t become validated by others until after the authors had passed away.

    Just as Vincent van Gogh’s paintings were treated as trash by those of his time. He was only able to sell one of his works of art, and it was for very insubstantial sum of money. Now look at how highly regarded his paintings are today.


    • To me this quote is purely motivational, I do believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder especially when it comes to writing. However, I enjoy being told to “write something worth reading” because it helps me stay on track of what I, myself find beautiful about my own work.

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      • Interesting. We all have different things that motivate us. There is still the reality of writing, which I am about to post, and that is criticism of one’s writing. If you want, come and read my post which will be up in just a moment.

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  2. And the truth shall set you free! Great quote it makes me question though what can I do thats worth writing, better yet what can i write thats worth reading. Every time I put the pen on paper I always wonder if its worth reading.

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