The young girl turned off the television for the first time in her life. It felt strange, but she had this idea. What if she picked up a book, just to see what all the fuss was about? Not a schoolbook, but a regular chapter book. Something with no pictures, just words.

She found herself in a bookstore down the road, clueless of where to start. It made her uncomfortable. Walking deeper into the store, she found a book she was familiar with. It was something her friends have been talking about for a while. Maybe she would try it out, just this once.

The book was heavy. It will take me years to finish, she thought. Nevertheless, the young girl found a nice quiet spot near the back, resting her bottom on the soft blue carpet.

Page one turned into page two. There were images, but not ones she could see on paper, Images that she herself was apart of. The feeling was completely different than what she experienced watching television. The story went slower, more detailed. Page two became page two hundred and two.

And to her surprise, she liked it.



  1. Although tv still remains king of entertainment for the vast majority of people, the question is whether we can unplug ourselves from smartphones once in a while therefore unplugging from social media…we all need a break.
    Good book, it’s old…”four arguments for the elimination of television”.

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