One Lovely Blog Award!

WOOHOO!! I can’t believe it! I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award! This award has been floating around my reader for some time now, however, to actually be nominated for it warms my heart. I cannot express how grateful I am for this awesome nomination and would like to thank Next Step to Nirvana for selecting me as a recipient!

The Rules now dictate that I list 7 pretty awesome facts about myself, so here I go.

  1. I speak Greek and have traveled to Greece many times, to an Island called “Kefalonia” where my family owns a house.
  2. I have often thought about switching my major to theater, since I love acting and performing on stage.
  3. Since diaper days, I have been told that my eyes are my best feature. I know you can’t see them, but they’re green.
  4. I love art, something I got from my mother. I am currently painting a tapestry for my dorm room.
  5. I have a self-diagnosed spelling deficiency. If spell check seized to exist I may as well.
  6. My father is my favorite person. I look up to him in every possible way.
  7. My dream home is a top floor penthouse apartment in NYC, right on Park Avenue.

Next I’d like to nominate 15 other lovely blogs for this One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks again and happy blogging!

  1. penshift
  2. backtowhatever
  3. The Black Hat Writer
  4. Mike Fuller Author
  5. Brooks Weaver
  6. ToddMedicii
  7. Clintington
  9. Phil Gentile
  10. milliethom
  11. crumpledpapercranes
  12. Dave S. Koster –
  13. Shailaja/ The Moving Quill
  14. Floyd
  15. folkesalex


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