The Laziest College Student

I wake up sometime after twelve. Appropriate for a snow day, I suppose. Time to go back to sleep. Shoot. I’m sweating with the heat turned up high. I have to get out of bed.

My glasses, I need to find my glasses.

Stepping out of bed, my pants get in the way. I almost hit the floor. The girls downstairs already think we make too much noise.

Last night my housemates tried Zumba-kickboxing. Do you remember Mr. Heckles from Friends? Needless to say, the complaints of our stomping had hit the ceiling.

I turn down the heat in the living room. My housemates are up, but I’m not feeling sociable yet. I pass their room on the way back to mine. “They can wait,” I groan.

I crawl back up into my bed and shut off the lights. Today is going to be a lazy one.



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