A Shout Out to the Following:

Yesterday I posted a thank you in return for all of your love and support. I now how over 500 followers in such a short period of time, something that could not have been accomplished without you guys. I mentioned that whoever commented on that post would receive a “shout out” in my next post. Well here I am keeping my promise!

So here they are, 20 of the best blog’s around. You’d be smart to follow 🙂

Clintington’s Blog – https://harrclin.wordpress.com/

Toddmedicii’s Blog – https://toddmedicii.wordpress.com/

Brooks Weaver’s Blog – http://brookspweaver.com/

K.S Norton’s Blog – https://ksnorton.wordpress.com/

Crazy8’s Blog – https://crazy8blogs.wordpress.com/

Mstoywhisperer’s Blog – https://mstoywhisperer.wordpress.com/

Mike Fuller Author’s Blog – http://mikefullerauthor.com/

Stacey’s Blog – https://thebohobridalbible.wordpress.com/

The Black Hat Writer’s Blog – https://blackhatwriter.wordpress.com/

Meohmila’s Blog – https://meohmila.wordpress.com/

C0ral33’s Blog – https://musefullymendaciloquent.wordpress.com/

Backtowhatever’s Blog – https://backtowhatever.wordpress.com/

Folkesalex’s Blog – https://folkesalex.wordpress.com/

Next Step to Nirvana’s Blog – https://poonamallee.wordpress.com/

Sibrisendine’s Blog – https://versodelatago.wordpress.com/

Pattyalcala’s Blog – http://iamnotsickboy.com/

Penshift’s Blog – https://venturesincreativity.wordpress.com/

Risahlymbicky’s Blog – https://risahlymbicky.wordpress.com/

Writergurlny’s Blog – https://writergurlny.wordpress.com/

Yusra Gulab Jamman’s Blog – https://gulabjammanwrites.wordpress.com/



  1. And this is why you have so many followers. 🙂 You’ve realised at an early stage that blogging is a community stage and interacted as such all the way through. 🙂 I often surprised by how many blogs I see that are the internet wall-flowers. Thanks for the shout out, it really wasn’t necessary but it is much appreciated.

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  2. Once again, congratulations(!) and thank you for recommending me to nineteen other great blogs, as well as including me in one of your listings. I’m honored.

    Liked by 1 person

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