Journal Entry #1

~Writing Status~

It’s strange. I’ve been keeping my New Years Resolution to write, and although I’ve given you only four snippets I am further along than I ever dreamed. I wrote to you and told you about my dead ends.This one is a keeper. This one has room for a chapter two. I believe that by sharing my snippets with you I have become more motivated and determined to focus on my writing. I thank you all for that.

Here is the problem. There is always a problem. I have a busy semester ahead of me, I have difficult classes along with other time consuming activities. I decided against working this semester, It would have been too much. I also want to rush this year, I found a sorority I maybe able to fit in with. They work with kids and would look beautiful on a resume.

But when will I have time to write? Last night I stayed up to edit my first chapter a bit more. I like it, but I doubt myself. I want to share another snippet with you tomorrow, and I would appreciate feed back. I know it’s only a first draft, and the writing is not perfect, but the story is solid.

I have dreamed about this for too long. I am finally getting somewhere. It’s becoming more than a hobby. I developed a story in my head, this one I intend to share.



  1. Writing novels takes a whole lot of dedication. I have written, re-written, reformatted, and restructured a few stories of my own. I have sent off numerous queries and written several synopses. When you have a lot of stories to tell, it’s hard to focus on one. Sometimes, it gets discouraging and that makes it very hard to maintain. But, when you’re a true writer, deep down, nothing but death will ever stop you. So, stick to your resolution and don’t five up. Like you, I have just started my blogs and hope to get my work out there. So, I really wish you the best!

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  2. I have the same problem when I was having classes at the University. I went old school and wrote on paper with my black Bic and I found that I was very much inspire to keep writing that way. Sometimes I did wrote in class instead of paying attention (don’t do it, not a good thing looking back) but well… If you don’t want pen and paper, use and app on your phone. I have found this handy but I still love to keep a small notebook and a pen in my handbag to write a little here or there ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I’m going to echo the advice to not edit your work until it’s done. What tends to happen is that you keep rehashing the same parts and you get stuck in a rut. Write your story from beginning to end as much as you can, without editing, then return to work in its entirety when it’s all down on paper (or screen).

    One exercise that worked for me for a time was setting aside time to write, at the same time every day. Treat it like a daily workout. I’d get up early (say 5am), write for 30 mins, the get dressed and go running (or whatever your workout is) for 30 mins. Whatever you do, try to make your writing session routine. Otherwise you’ll find that it’s the first thing you give up when you’re tired, or pressed for time.

    Good luck!

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  4. First of all, it is GREAT to hear that you are sticking with your resolution. That’s the first step.

    Second I would say is that you have to set achievable writing goals. Knowing how busy you are will allow you to set goals that you can meet, without feeling guilty if you miss a “write” here or there because you have set yourself up with success by making it achievable.

    Third, but not the last bit of advice, stop editing and revising on the first draft. The purpose of the first draft is to let yourself go, and just write it out–like crazy. You HAVE to go back and revise and edit, but that is after your last chapter is written. Don’t get hung up on ANY editing yet–trust me, there will be plenty of that coldhearted process later and getting to that is never fun. So wait for it.

    I like the idea of getting yourself mobile on either a cell phone (or tablet) with a bluetooth key board. With the right tools, you’ll always be able to be ready to write…from anywhere.

    My last bit of advice (I promise) check out I follow Nat Russo. He has a blog called “A Writer’s Journey” and he has a WEALTH of knowledge for writer’s trying to start out and become successful and published.

    I hope I did not overstep my bounds.

    Good luck.


  5. If you are worried about time, just keep a notebook with it. It is small and easy to carry, and whenever you get a spare moment, you can write down a sentence or two. You don’t have to lay out a chapter at a time if the time isn’t there. A sentence or two at a time might sound like it would be disjointed, but you will find that it morphs well into a usuable narrative when you get the opportunity to sit down and type it into the computer.

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  6. I had the same problem in uni. If you are booked solid 7 days a week then your best chance is download an app like evernote onto all your devices as it will automatically sync your work to a web based storage facility – this is great for notes on the go as you can be halfway through a sentence, sync the notes, then continue from another device. Or you can be old school and keep pen+paper with you at all times. Even if you busy there’s always 5mins somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Making the resolution to write is a great first step! And if you have been making the effort to write/edit/revise your writing every day, even if it is a little bit, that is progress! Even if you only write for 20 minutes in between classes, any work towards your goal is positive. Good luck and I hope that you keep writing.

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  8. What always helps me, because there is never a perfect time to sit down and write for long periods of time with my busy schedule, is to have an App on your smartphone that connects to your writing online where you can edit on-the-go.

    It helps with being able to write whenever the mood strikes or when you just need to get a thought / edit out.

    I hope that this helps. Good luck.

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  9. I often find it’s best to not go in on a story immediately after you had the idea. For me, it work’s best because I am more careful. But then again, a proper story to work on has been nonexistent.

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