An Interesting Start

Today is the first day of my fourth semester.

I over slept. I toss my shirt over my head and throw on the first sweater I can find. I run into the bathroom and pop a mint.

There’s no time to brush my teeth. This will have to do.

I sprint towards the only academic building I’m completely unfamiliar with, trying to locate room 129.

Walking into my nine thirty with a hand on my chest, I attempt to slow the breathing.

I sit back and pick eye buggers out of my lashes for lack of washing my face.

This is not the first day of school outfit I had planned.

My only two friends in class are sitting at opposite ends of the room. I’m too late to niche pick.

I relax in my chair.

The professor begins his introduction, “Welcome to Abnormal Psychology!”

“Wait,” I pause, “this isn’t Measurement and Evaluation?”

After about twenty minutes of sitting through foreign material and undergoing a mini panic attack, our professor finally realizes that he’s teaching the wrong class.

We all ease up and laugh with him.

“An interesting start,” I think to myself.



  1. My first day of class this semester I got the time schedule mixed up and showed up for my first class 30 minutes late. The professor said “You’re late.” I looked at him and replied “Or is everyone else just early?” and then took my seat. Great way to start a psychology class.

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  2. Angela, I am a professor and my nightmares the week before class are legendary. I dream that I miss the class and there is a class full of students waiting for their prof. or I show up in an empty class because I missed the actual scheduled class the day before yada yada, you get the picture. It is funny how both sides are worried we are going to screw up something 🙂 Good luck with the semester.

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  3. Not a great start Angela but at least not your mistake and gave you a good story to tell! I also like the way you allow us to feel the way you feel and still use very few words. I love ‘niche pick’ – clever. Mind you I think I’d rather Abnormal Psychology than Measurement and Evaluation!!

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