Haiku – College Tomorrow

College tomorrow

I missed my friends, my studies

I missed campus life

Semester to come

I don’t know what lies ahead

Yes, I’m excited

Dedicated to: CK, Nattles & Emmels. The craziest roommates around. Love you babies, can’t wait to see your faces ❤



  1. College was a difficult ride back then. No electronics, other than a 12 inch black and white tv with rabbit ears and a decent stereo system. No phone in the apartment and of course, no cell phones, tablets, computers (except in big secret rooms in the Engineering building), iTHINGS, or facebook. We had poker nights and at exam time the “empty anything with alcohol found in the apartment into a big bowl and DRINK” party.

    But dropping out of college was not an option, at least for the guys. We had to stick it out no matter how burned out we were from classes starting before noon or papers due or all those stuffy English Lit books we still had left to read and write book reports on.

    No, we kept coming back quarter (our university ran on quarters and tuition was less than $200 per quarter) after quarter to the mandatory 15 credit hour load and a minimum 2.0 grade point average. Our motivation? The draft.

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