Haiku – Marriage

I will confess, I did not write this Haiku alone. Today one of my first graders came up to me, with not a question of homework, but of a marriage proposal! It was too perfect not to share.

Hey, are you married?

No, I’m just wearing a ring.

Can I marry you?


  1. This Stuber Haiku is six stanzas of five lines each, with each line being 3,5or 7 syllables.
    Thesyllabic scheme is precise. I’ve done 400 of these things.


    Bunch the usual
    ne’er-do-wells into
    an alternative
    Franklin Street, Chapel
    Hill art café, and

    presto! For
    that brief period
    she brought/gave
    us the chance to let
    it fly, hang it out in the

    breeze for all to see,
    some to comment on,
    few, very few, to
    purchase. That marble
    effect you gave me

    lingers, though
    myself far flung to
    just under
    missile range on this
    mountainous peninsula.

    Carolina life seems so
    happy, yet
    only pictures tell
    a story that must be

    as complex
    as you always were back when
    we had time
    to wander free, be
    ourselves, love each other.

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  2. Very cute! Gotta love it! Hey, what’s a free spirit doing teaching children. Isn’t teaching for crusty old people who enjoy making the kids feel insecure and self-conscious because nothing they do is up to their standards? Just kidding. You will make an excellent teacher. I know it.

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  3. Love this one so much that I am now a follower!

    You will learn, in time, to accept all proposals from those too young to obtain a marriage license!



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