Traveler’s Bucket List

I often think of where I want to travel when I become rich and famous, but it really is difficult to narrow down ten or twelve. And of course to become rich and famous, but It’s healthy to dream.

I’ll give you a catalogue of my Top Twelve in alphabetical order, a bucket list if you will.

I will always and forever label Greece as my #1. Since I’ve been to Athens 8 times, however, I’m going to leave this beauty out for now.

Here are the top 12 places I want to visit, at least before they disappear:

  1. Alaska – I have a soft spot for pretty ice
  2. Brazil – Because that soft spot includes dying rain forests such as the Amazon
  3. Cuba – Like a forbidden fruit, I must bite it
  4. Dead Sea – Worthier than it sounds. Who doesn’t want to float on their bottom?
  5. Egypt – The pyramids, and I need more camels in my life
  6. Fiji – Water from the source
  7. Galapagos Islands – Maybe I’ll discover a new species
  8. Japan – Mostly for Mount Fuji, I love a good volcano
  9. Nauru – The smallest country in the world, and it’s sinking
  10. New Zealand – I’m a nature lover and a colossal squid lover
  11. Norway – Vikings! Fishing Villages! Frozen!
  12. Scotland – I do a mean Scottish accent. I was also a castle born lady in a past life.

And here’s #13 for good luck:

13. Venice – You know, before it’s completely submerged



  1. We all have a travel bucket list, don’t we? I love it. Three years of living and working in the UK (home is Sydney) allowed me the amazing opportunity of being able to see a great deal of Europe, largely guided by wherever Easyjet or Ryanair was heading on cheap fares! And, while I’m tempted to say that anywhere-I-haven’t-been is on my bucket list, the reality is that what I most want to do is go back! Return visits to places that live in my memory . . . much, I think, like your reference to Athens. Will that friendly shop-keeper still be there? Will I be able to retrace my steps to that stunning view? Does the bistro in the square still serve free nibbles (adequate to replace dinner!) with happy hour drinks?
    So, in reality, my bucket list of places I want to go is endless! What I really want to know is how to achieve the rich-and-famous (well, rich anyway!) bit, so I can afford my ticket to . . . almost anywhere!
    Happy dreaming! 😊

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  2. Alaska is pretty great. On those clear spring mornings when I head into the office, I’m blown away by the sweeping vistas that are just part of the daily routine. Though living here its easy to forget that for some its a dream vacation.

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