Haiku – Novel Problems

My character shines

The hardest thing about him

Choosing his first name



  1. I encounter this problem as well. I do not even use Bob as a stand in, I just type odd characters from my keyboard and go straight into my character grid exercise and then a name will come to me later. I think this is one of the writer’s block thing that you just need to bulldoze your way over.

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  2. I totally understand. I feel like the character is his name. Like his name should sum up all his potential and his characteris but the truth is some really cool people are named Bob 🙂


  3. It’s the worst trying to figure out character names! I have three baby name books, two of them list names by country, and it’s still hard! I’m inclined to choose less common names because I like them, but then I worry that it would put readers off for being too flowery and strange.


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